In a far far far away land, fate created the most wonderful serendipity ever happened in history:  Mr. Kitsch met Miss Cookie. They fell madly in love. (Just kidding, they never loved each other, they were just mutual booty callers). The thing about this relationship is that their families screamed in outrage, because -as surely your sassy ass mind have already concluded- they were very very orthodox regarding trans-species relationships. Why oh why a pure breed Kitsch heir would want to mate a straight out off the oven commoner, with too much sugar, too much black warts and zero social value? We'd love to tell you the end of this story, but truth to be told, we haven't got the slightest idea of how this tale went, but also, because we'd love you to dream your own ending.

Cookitsch is a non-lucrative, all-cultural project made with one purpose and one purpose only: to elevate the cultural heritage of our people by enlightening their minds and hearts about the secret meaning of certain sneaky terms that pass for innocent words of everyday use, while they are not.

We also did it -mainly- because we were so bored and had nothing more productive to do. Ok, ok. So we had two purposes, not one. Sue us. :)

And that's it. 

Don't overthink it. It's a project we did in collab with our friends at roguepeople just for the heck of it. Hope you enjoy watching it. We know we did enjoy doing it.
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