The initial concept for this project was to establish a restaurant with a bar-style setting, where women could enjoy a drink or a few beers without feeling out of place in an area typically dominated by men. And thus, Graciela came into being. Graciela is a personification of wonderful traits, including kindness, elegance, ambition, energy, intelligence, and self-confidence, but above all, authenticity. She dresses in whatever manner she likes and takes ownership of her body, time, and existence. Graciela has no regrets about being herself and relishes spending time with her friends. In addition, she enjoys being of assistance, problem-solving, and attending significant events. Graciela is successful and knows that life is brief, so it should be lived well with great music, good companionship, and, of course, delicious food.
Creative direction and design: Daniela González
Photography: Diego Bolaños
Animation: Alejandro Ramírez

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